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Feb 17, 2013 8:00pm EST
to the clinton library? >> i was going to ask you how they dealt with all the problems he had with impeachment and if they had been fair. >> i was told that he was really impressed with the watergate exhibit. i was told that would inspire him to do some -- to make some changes to the museum. one of the things that allen weinstein was hoping was that the nixon library to be a new start. some of the libraries are much too much like shrines. this is public money. you don't get to take off on your tax return with your money goes to a public entity or a public library. it goes to every library. >> george w. bush's library opened in the early part of 2013. how much of the building was paid for by the federal government? >> the building is pay full -- is before by his private foundation. the deal is that they build the building and they have to meet national archives specifications, federal government specification. >> only certain amount of feet? >> i would like to be a debate. i think americans up to decide what they want occurred but i don't think they know they have a choice. right now, congress
Feb 3, 2013 8:00pm EST
works for a speaker on politics like a reelected president -- barack obama, bill clinton -- that means continuity rather than change. but as far as speaking itself, i enjoy it. i enjoy the challenge. you are walking into a room full of strangers. you have never met them, they have never laid eyes on you, they may have seen you on television in passing or whatever -- within an hour, they walk out with some sense of you. 45 minutes to make them think, make them laugh. that is the highest praise you can get, is somebody coming up and saying, you made me think and made me laugh. that is high praise for me as a speaker. >> let's lay down the basics for mark shields -- born where? wax massachusetts, may 25, 1930 seven. >> parents did what? >> my dad was a paper salesman, involved in the town, government and politics. my mother had been a schoolteacher but at that time when schoolteachers married they could no longer -- they were stained women or something of the sort, because they no longer could teach in the public schools of massachusetts as a married woman. so she was a mother and homemak
Feb 24, 2013 8:00pm EST
. we had been waiting all day for some word on his situation, knowing hillary clinton had just arrived in beijing on wednesday morning. the theory was they wanted this resolved, " the american side and the chinese side, wanted this resolved quickly. talks between america and china were set to begin thursday. i did not expect to get a call from the ambassador himself. >> can use the chinese? >> i can. i was ready for a chinese lesson when he called. >> could you communicate easily? >> a basic conversation. you need a translator for high level interviews. i got enough i could communicate in get around pretty well. if my cell phone rings, and it was the hour my chinese teacher was knocking at my door, i thought it was her to call -- calling. i said, i have someone here in the car. he passed the phone over. he said, where are you now? i said, i am on my way to the chinese hospital. >> why did they not just let it go? >> at that stage, it became an affront to them. he made his way to beijing, he made his way to the u.s. embassy, which was a red flag. they do not like their dirty laundry bei
Feb 10, 2013 8:00pm EST
president bill clinton and a house democratic retreat. at 11 o'clock, in other chance to see "q and a."
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)